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Element jutsus update!

_andinis_ Site-AdminOwnero posted May 5, 17

The elemental jutsus can now interact with eachother and they can also clash with eachother! Check it out on the server ;)

Update summary

_andinis_ Site-AdminOwnero posted Feb 8, 17

Summary of updated things since 1.10 update:

Momochi, Uchiha, Nara, Chinoike, Yuki, Namikaze, Elements, Kunai and Shuriken damage set to 2 hearts

and alot more things are comming ;)!

ItsKrampus Can u bring VIP back in vote crates?
xXKiwiLPXx Ocelot_playz you cant buy it rn
Ocelot_Playz Where do u buy costom clan????

Chuunin Exams!

_andinis_ Site-AdminOwnero posted Jan 20, 17

Scheduled Exam rules: (Regular rules)

Unscheduled Exams: (Extra rules)

-No Donator stuff (except custom clan and otsutsuki clan)



-No Bashing (3 max. asage of RPG-Item)

-No Medical pills

-All donator stuff allowed (Rinnegan included)

-No armour

-No Donator RPG-Items!

-No Bashing (3 max. asage of RPG-Item)





Bothering staff to ask them to host unscheduled exams can lead to a BAN! So please do not ask for unscheduled exams.

Skyrain Svelunier, just saying, its not as Easy as you think to Substitute if you are Silenced by an Uzumaki. Lol. Speaking due ...
Fr3shie I honestly like this idea, since it would stop donors from complaining about how they can't use there donor stuff t...
syrenswyrd If you don't like donators going full, don't enter unscheduled. Simple as that, speaking from the position of ...

New Payment Methods for Donator shop!

_andinis_ Site-AdminOwnero posted Jan 18, 17

Hello Guys,

I've added a new paymentgateway called "Paymentwall" and there you can choose various Paymentmethods as in Credit Card, Debit Card or Paysafecard.

There is a 20% sale if you pay through paymentwall!

teamfusion123 Moderator
teamfusion123 @ Naruto Adventures
One word. Yeeeeet

Scheduled Exams

_andinis_ Site-AdminOwnero posted Dec 19, 16

From now exams are scheduled, and have a cd of four hours. Staff are allowed to host unscheduled exams betweed the exams, with permission of higher staff. You can see the Exam times on the register "EXAMS" or on the Homepage on the right side.

Ivanrah @ Naruto Adventures
we got unscheduled exams so its ok,even if I think that the Cd shall be 3 hours :3
HikaruU Im very sorry if i annoy you but can the CD of the exam be 2 hours thank you for reading :-)
Saekon I believe the Exams register is glitched. I cannot see any times there, just a normal calendar