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_andinis_ Site-AdminOwner posted Jul 15, 17

check out the new Server video from our new YouTuber ElestialHD

GGWT_Timothy Hello my name is Timothy Eisma and i wanted to ask if you people could give me Youtuber rank and i will make atleast 100...
Akatsuki_183 I honestly did not understand what he said, but it sure is an interesting language, Andi mind telling me what language i...
Makenda I somehow watched the whole video without knowing a single thing he said. I pieced together you can say.

We are bringing back Customs!

_andinis_ Site-AdminOwner posted Jun 30, 17

Custom Jutsus, Clans and Models are back!!

_DankNinja_ SO will mine FINALLY be made after 6 months of waiting?
Ivanrah x Wait so,custom clans are back right after I spend my Custom clan money? wow that is r00d. The Ogre clan would have been ...

Element jutsus update!

_andinis_ Site-AdminOwner posted May 5, 17

The elemental jutsus can now interact with eachother and they can also clash with eachother! Check it out on the server ;)

Update summary

_andinis_ Site-AdminOwner posted Feb 8, 17

Summary of updated things since 1.10 update:

Momochi, Uchiha, Nara, Chinoike, Yuki, Namikaze, Elements, Kunai and Shuriken damage set to 2 hearts

and alot more things are comming ;)!

ItsKrampus Can u bring VIP back in vote crates?
xXKiwiLPXx Ocelot_playz you cant buy it rn
Ocelot_Playz Where do u buy costom clan????

Chuunin Exams!

_andinis_ Site-AdminOwner posted Jan 20, 17

Scheduled Exam rules: (Regular rules)

Unscheduled Exams: (Extra rules)

-No Donator stuff (except custom clan and otsutsuki clan)



-No Bashing (3 max. asage of RPG-Item)

-No Medical pills

-All donator stuff allowed (Rinnegan included)

-No armour

-No Donator RPG-Items!

-No Bashing (3 max. asage of RPG-Item)





Bothering staff to ask them to host unscheduled exams can lead to a BAN! So please do not ask for unscheduled exams.

blackbazooka Dude................ U said asking for unsched can lead to a ban. NO one even hosts UNSCHedule no more. Only if the mod ...
Skyrain132002 Svelunier, just saying, its not as Easy as you think to Substitute if you are Silenced by an Uzumaki. Lol. Speaking due ...
Fr3shie I honestly like this idea, since it would stop donors from complaining about how they can't use there donor stuff t...